Vowel Movement!


Hi everyone! Quick post to give you an update. We're alive and well, but (obviously) we're no longer drinking and blogging the way we were. Since at my heart I'm a cheapskate, I can't justify paying for the hosting for an unused blog BUT WAIT! WordPress makes it easy to slide it over to their ...

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Wily Bloggers Trademark “Pink Slip Rosé” – Blowhard Winery Owner Screams, “You’re Fired!”


When Allan from CellarBlog asked if we'd participate in #varosé day, we immediately knew that we were in.  We're big fans of drinking pink and always try to have a few bottles on hand.  Rosé wines are typically light and refreshing, so they're great in the warm months (of which VA has too many).  The ...

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Sorry Mario, Your Foxy Winemaker is in Another Castle

reynard florence

Remember when I fessed up about our frustration with that this blog had become?  Well, part of that was too many visits to lackluster wineries that just frustrated us.  Virginia has some wineries that make fantastic wine.  There are some wineries that are gorgeous.  There are some wineries that invite slow afternoons sharing a bottle ...

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Winemakers Ponder: Does an Angel Flailing In the Snow Call Itself a “Snow Me”?

2012-10-13 19.27.27

I’m not a big believer in “special occasion wines,” in part because no occasion ever seems right for these “special” bottles, and they may end up aging past their prime as you wait for that “perfect” occasion.  Given that, once we bring a bottle home, it’s pretty much fair game (although some bottles are bought ...

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Bloggers Organize Online Events to Answer Questions Such as “If I ate John Hamm should I think pork?”

Which critter works better with rose?

I love that we're a go to source for Virginia wine information for many.  While we've definitely been branching out more and more lately in our own wine drinking, we're passionate about drinking local and raising awareness about the high quality wines that can be found close to home.  That said, we're not the only blog doing this.  Two bloggers, and blogs, I want to ...

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Aromas of Cherry and Pepper and Blinding Flash Presage Arrival of the Franc and Shine’s Monster

Chatham Vineyards Church Creek cab franc

I know that everyone currently talks about viognier from VA since it’s the official state grape.  I also know that there’s a lot of buzz around red blends since they’ve been so dominant in the first two years of the “Governor’s Case” coming out of the revised Governor’s Cup.  That said, when we first started ...

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Homeland Security Learns of Blogger Plot to Assemble 13 Pressurized Bottle of Intoxicants, Shows Up with Flintstones Jelly Glasses. And Handcuffs


Overview We recently attended the now annual VA sparkling wine tasting organized by Frank Morgan of Drink What You Like.  This year, Early Mountain Vineyards hosted us, and as always, we had a great time catching up with our blogging friends while also checking in on the state of sparkling wine in VA. Once again, this tasting ...

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Some Chicken Dishes More Fun if You Imagine Foghorn Leghorn Reacting to the Preparation, Bloggers Find

atwater riesling

Have either of us ever mentioned that Grape Envy Guy loves to gill?  We have?  Well, let me reiterate it again.  GEG loves to grill.  Because of that, whenever the weather allows some of our menu planning centers around what can be grilled.  This sometimes lead to some great meals, but the grilled/smoked flavors can ...

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Swedish Chef Celebrates “Hurdy Verde Bork Bork” Wine

Broadbent Vinho Verde

Periodically, I go to our wine racks and grab some whites and rosés to toss into the fridge so we have chilled wines ready and waiting for us when we want/need them.  Because of this, a bottle occasionally gets moved around and forgotten behind other things.  This happened with a bottle of ’11 Broadbent Vinho ...

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Scrappy Doo Solves the Case of the Missing Bloggers, But Redemption Comes at a Price

sack race

So, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but we’ve basically been on radio silence since the summer with only a few exceptions.  I want to fill you in on what’s going on and what are plans are for this blog moving forward. First of all, this was a very hard summer for us.  Grape Envy Guy ...

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Dear Santa: All I Want Is a Cuddly Fish and a Chapeau

Squid Cork Ornament

Once upon a modern time In a galaxy not far away A cephalopod named Martin swam In the depths where the mermaids did play Life was straightforward, simple and fun Days too similar to ever rehash Till one fateful wintry day When there came a surprising splash. Martin responded as quick as a wink To find a wrapped box – what the hey? Tentacles ripped ...

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Local Cider Deemed Good Accompaniment for Life in a Two Room Clay Hut with a Sheep

Between each of have having some illnesses, likely nothing as bad as GEG had this summer, some odd work schedules  and a general sense of disruption to our "normal" lives, we haven't been consuming many adult beverages of late.  Since this is Virginia's first ever Cider Week, however, we knew we had to break this pattern.  We try to always ...

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Get to Know Your Cidermaker – Tim & Dan of Potter’s Craft Cider

Sorry for the late post, I had to run out to a client and freeze my butt off this morning. Anyhow, if you're a cider fan (especially one in Richmond or Charlottesville) you may have noticed Potter's Craft Cider popping up in retail outlets. If you've sampled it you've probably wondered "who are these Potter ...

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Get to Know Your Cider Maker – Stephen Schuurman

Are you familiar with Winchester Ciderworks? Neither are we! But we'll need to be. They're yet another new entrant in the world of Virginia craft ciders. This is Cider Week, so here's cidermaker Stephen Schuurman: Where did you grow up? I was born in Beccles, Suffolk England and lived there all my life until I left there ...

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It’s All About the Fruit: Guest Post by Diane Flynt of Foggy Ridge Cider

Happy Cider Week! Has your life been full of apple-y goodness? It can always handle more, so here's Diane Flynt of Foggy Ridge Cider to talk about the differences between farm ciders and factory ciders. There's nothing better than letting Virginia's cider cheerleader raise her pommes-pommes (heh) and tell you what's what. In a fall orchard, it’s ...

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